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One of the things we love is releasing SFW clips and trailers for our YouTube fans to see.

YouTube contains such amazing fans and we've always appreciate the following we have there.

With that said, we're fully aware of the fragile nature of YouTube, especially when it comes to Fetish based content even when it's SFW. Whilst we have always remained in good standing with YouTube we are often concerned that policies may change leading to use losing our Fan base, and we really love out YouTube fan base as they're often the ones to provide valuable insights and feedback on our work so we can continually improve our clips and bring the fans exactly what they want.

For that reason we're asking all of our YouTube subscribers to kindly subscribe to our mailing list, that way should policies change we can still touch base with our customers to show them our latest releases, get feedback and so on. We don't spam our fans and generally only send out one newsletter a week so rest assure that by subscribing you won't get an overflowing inbox.

We really love what we do, but without you guys and your continued support it simply wouldn't be possible. Please click the play button below, you'll be taken to our special YouTube subscribers page mailing list where you can pop in your email so that we can always show you what we're releasing.

Big MASSIVE thanks in Advance.

Fetish Collect Team

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(P.S. Check out what's being released next right below the YouTube symbol, but be warned, it's NSFW)



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