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Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I know, I know! Lots of you love having an inactive sissy clit whether it's through meticulous training, Erectile dysfunction Hypnosis or months locked away in chastity.... But sometimes even the most submissive of men need to get a boner, whether it's to finally get laid (Pfff) or so that your Mistress can laugh as it squeezes tight against its cage......And that's why we took a test subject and gave them a special little pill, a pill so strong that it's use is banned amongst professional sports federations.

Ladies and lowly ones, I give you ExtenZe.

Now there's a whole lot of wacky potions and pills that claim to make you harder than Chuck Norris, some claim to even increase size. In most cases we know these claims are unfounded but when a company offers a 100% guarantee and a 67 day money back deal you kind of have to wonder 'Is it true?' so we just had to find out.

We took one of our subscribers and gave them an opportunity to test this alleged miracle, naturally names and places have been changed to protect their privacy.

Harrys experience:

Harry is 42, a submissive actively serving a Mistress whom he meets once a fortnight for realtime sessions. His Mistress agreed to the test so long as he remained tightly secured in his chastity device.

After taking the first ExtenZe Harry did indeed get an erection, well, as erect as one can get in chastity, however Harry was unsure if this was just the thought of being so tightly caged. By day 3 Harrys erections had not only increased in frequency but his erections were lasting much much longer than usual, in fact Harry had his first 2 hour erection in many years which left him somewhat desperate for release.

By day 5 Harry was experiencing discomfort due to the cage and, in his words: 'My cock constantly looked like a piece of bread baking through twine'. Naturally concerned for Harrys safety we requested he have his device removed for the final two days (That means you Mistresses can get exactly what you want in just 5 days!).

On day 7 Harry concluded that the ExtenZe had indeed worked, he noticed a difference in size, sensitivity and his erections were lasting longer than when he was a teen, the longest totalling 3 hours. Here's what Harry had to say about our little experiment:

'I thought it could be fun to try as I've tried many of these so called enhancer pills but they never really worked in the past, but I was wrong this time and the experience whilst in chastity was like nothing I've ever experienced. I was desperate for release from the cage and release in general. I think ExtenZe could be one of the cruelest tools a Mistress can use so I'm sort of dreading you putting this idea out there as well, let's just say it brings a whole new dimension to chastity. Overall my erections were much stronger than I've experienced in a long time and it did appear to slightly increase the girth and length'

So there you have it! A brand new tool for the more sadistic of you out there, and don't forget it comes with a 100% guarantee and 67 days to get a refund if it doesn't work!

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