The Wallets Enchantress

Be drawn in by breathtaking beauty, be seduced, crumble under the hypnotic curves of the ultimate Temptress. This is The Wallets Enchantress and you are about to become completely enchanted.

As you read this I just want you to allow me deep into your mind, allow my words to go deep into your subconscious and simply allow yourself the simple pleasure of buying this clip, of absorbing this clip, of allowing me in to make you what you truly want to become….All mine.

This is a very deep mesmerise file using genuine psychological techniques that will make you kneel, worship and obey in the best of ways. Let me gyrate in front of you as I send you tumbling deep into submission, focus on my curves, not on my words.

This is you time, buy it, there’s a good boy.


WARNING: This file is a genuine psychological file that will have a genuine effect. Only take part if you genuinely wish to be affected. By purchasing this file you agree to hold all responsibility for any and all outcomes that may arise from listening to, watching and partaking in this file.

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