The Ultimate Sissy Fantasy Using Tech & New Feminisation Hypnosis

Covid has a lot to answer for! Swathes of us have been stuck in bored trying to come up with entertaining or horny ways to pass the time. This has led to people getting increasingly experimental and creative. We've just released a special sissy panty hypnosis that'll have you caught wearing frillies in no time and we got all tech and creative, or rather one of our sissy fans did on our behalf.

We questioned a number of our sissification fans about the hurdles they face when it comes to fulfilling their fantasies. Many said that they loved the experience of dressing up and potentially being found out but struggled to take their fantasising any further, at least not in a way that's both a massive turn on and safe.

Enter Sissy Amanda and SexEmulator. Sex Emulator has emerged as one of the top role playing porn games the internet has ever seen. Over to Sissy Amanda...

'So I was tasked with playing Sex Emulator dressed in my sissy attire, panties, lipstick, chastity cage, stockings and so on. The premise of the game is that you choose a character and you get to define their gender, their appearance, body type, etc. I loved the ability to adjust the size of my breasts and tingled a little in my cage as I did so, as well as the size of the ass and the dick. I was shocked to see that I COULD be a sissy in the game by simply putting a dick on the female character meaning you can play as a sissy without any problems and it was at this point, for the first time in my life, I actually started to get turned on my a game!'

'Your character gets a name, clothing and lots of lovely costume options, and then you're pushed off into the great unknown as a panty wearing sissy, hot. You get to pick whether you’re interested in a standard world such as the one we’re living in, or if you prefer fantasy, with castles, magical forests and all sorts of unusual creatures'

'Sex Emulator has it all: heterosexual relationships, girl on guy action, gay porn, male on shemale, on female, shemale on shemale, you name it and I found this vastly expanded the sissy fantasies I've had in my mind.'

'One of the things I loved about the game was - fetishes: there are no limits. Any kink you can think of, the Sex Emulator has it.

You can start with the standard ones, such as being a whore on the street and getting fucked in the back of a car or being a party girl that sucks dick in the dark corner of a club. If you make a doctor’s appointment, chances are you can get bent over by your doctor, and if you visit the gym, you can try out a wide range of positions on the equipment while you get pounded by your personal trainer.'

'These all made my sissy clit throb in my cage and at one point, whilst being pounded by the personal trainer I actually leaked in my device. Then I discovered there's actually far more extreme scenarios. If like me you have an inclination for humiliation, torture, pain, whips and similar, then you can easily arrange an entire role play.'

'I quickly found myself addicted to the game and have since subscribed for the year (Damn you FetishCollect, although you can play for free so long as you verify age with a card) as I found acting out my sissy fantasies in SexEmulator brought a new element of reality to my play and expanded my horizons into new fantasies. I've since found a male Dom and Female Domme who have me in chastity (In RL too) and it feels as though I'm finally living a real D/s sissy life through this game. I adore it and couldn't recommend it enough, I'm now totally hooked on something I never even considered before'

So there you have it! If you're looking to expand your sissy horizons and get pounded by your personal trainer whilst your sissy clit bounces around then look now further, give SexEmulator a try and see what new weird and wonderful ways you'll be living out your fantasy!

Click here to try out SexEmulator


Be prepared, life will never be the same again! In this genuine Mesmerise file you'll need to wear panties in order to be taken deep into the depths of feminisation. You'll lie on your bed as you listen to the soft enticing voice that encourages you to simple lie there and let your girlfriend catch you wearing panties. This is a real deal mind altering mesmerise, you have been warned. Don't forget to visit the blog for more ways to feminise.




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