The Church Of Aura

We have quite the treat for fans on this beautiful Sinday-Sunday.

The sinfully seductive Goddess Aura has just released a whole plethora of new clips. To say there's something for everyone is an understatement.....And the most shocking part, one of the clips is Aura's first completely NAKED clip!!! That's right fans, NAKED!

Click the image below to see all of Aura's clips

I shall allow Aura to tell you about the Church of Aura herself -

30 BPM metronome, my statuesque body and my sensual voice are definitely enough to make you fall into a trance and embrace the worship of my Aura. Warning : this video may induce a state of deep relaxation and ecstasy. In order to make this experience even more enjoyable and stimulating, I left the Video 100% natural, no changes have been made. Just YOU and ME, in an intimate and highly suggestive atmosphere... All triggers used have a very specific purpose. To get you to completely lose your head for me, to fall madly in love and to worship ME like a disciple does with his cult. There is no turning back..once I subdue your mind and once I exert my power over your psyche, you will have one recurring thought in your head. Every moment you will think of me, everything will remind you of ME. ME AND ONLY ME. You will be my disciple and worship my Aura every single moment of your existence....snap!

And then of course there's the NAKED VERSION (CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT)

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