The Big One Is Here!

It's the moment our fans have been eagerly awaiting! The big one!

Welcome to the Puppeteer by Willow Bouvier for!

This is a file that uses genuine psychological and mind manipulation techniques, this file is not a pretend file in any manner and should be take very seriously! This file is unlike any similar file online. This is FULL VIDEO offering both audio and visual brain- washing using techniques never used in previous files. This is not your average clip, it uses the same techniques employed by intelligence services, the millitary, police, government and advertising companies (As well as the infamous Derren Brown). The file has been tested on a number of top fans and the effect so profound it left the subjects shaken, confused and aroused.

There will be regular free triggers posted on the fetishcollect website, social feeds and stores so you can rest assured this file will have a very very long lasting effect.

This is not a toy, gimmick or fake, it's not designed to satisfy a play acting fantasy, this is designed to do exactly what it says and condition you.

If you're at all in doubt whether being conditioned in such a manner is what you desire, then I request you DO NOT buy the file. This is hardcore conditioning at it's finest so please make sure, it's what you want.

Get it now!



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