Something New - Infernum

Traditionally online Domination has been a female led field, one of cleavage, teasing and financial drain.

This is also true of online D/s Hypnosis, it's always been aimed at men.

But what if something, or, someone different came along? What if a master of psychological and physical domination who was fully versed and certified as a Hypnotist began creating unique unisex files simply aimed at those who enjoy submission no matter the sex ?

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the world of ......Infernum.

Whether you're a sissy who loves to be guided and controlled by an Alpha or you're a female who loves depth to domination then rest assured you're going to love this Masters work.

Having spent 10 years working in the D/s world writing genuine Hypnosis scripts for Dommes and having spent a vast amount of time dominating in real life, Infernum is something of an anonymous force to be reckoned with.

In a recent poll 50% of the participants said they would happily partake in a male led D/s Hypnotherapy session. What's more a number of females in Infernums life began requesting his unique hypnosis. Initially hesitant to unleash his work on the world we are please to have Infernum on board and preparing to release both a free Hypnosis on our YouTube channel and more files in our store.

We highly recommend you try his YouTube file that will be released shortly and you swiftly see why we're excited by his work.

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