Sissy Hypnosis, Aura is back and New Domme Amber Leigh

We're super excited to announce a new Sissy Hypnosis has just been released in the FetishCollect store from Annabel Fatale. It's a hardcore sissy file that is indeed genuine Hypnosis, don't say we didn't warn you!

Click Here To See It In Full

We're also excited to announce that Aura Mesmerise is back in the studio producing a really dark deep file for us once again written by a certified Hypnotherapist. The Dark Heart of Submission should be available next weekend! Click Here To Follow Goddess Aura

And we're even more excited to announce something a bit special. Quite often FetishCollect comes across Hot Dommes online and we collaborate. Recently however the Owner in chief was on an evening out at a restaurant when he realised the lady sat a few tables away had massive potential. Blonde, beautiful with steely blue eyes and tattoos that wreaked of 'Badass'. What followed was some drink, a long conversation and shortly we'll be releasing EXCLUSIVE Hypnosis from Amber Leigh. We know she's going to kick ass! Please give her a follow HERE

We look forward to seeing you on the dark deviant side!


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