New Hypnosis & Erotic Story by Daniel Guy

Updated: May 30, 2021

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And now we present the next instalment of the Miss Rosa story from Daniel Guy!


Rosa is in good spirits. Since she began trying out her hypnosis enslavement

programme, she’s reduced a dozen men to mindless drones, and delivered them to

the factory. Tonight she has an inkling she might bag another. It’s early evening

and she’s at home making soup, when an old friend calls her.

‘Hey Rosa. I’m all dressed up in my new black rubber dress. Fancy coming out to

a club tonight?’

‘Ah, Jane. I have a client. I’m sorry..’


‘Yeah. He seemed a little vulnerable so I said he should some over.’

‘Definitely! What’s he like?’

‘Oh. A rich young banker called Marvin. Turns up in an expensive suit and watch.

He came for a few sessions months ago and then stopped coming. I’d started him

on the programme but he resisted all the hypno tricks, so I was surprised when

he called and wanted to meet up.’

‘Sound like fun. Why don’t I come over and give you a hand?’

‘What? OK. Sure. He’s just the kind of guy for the programme, rich, alpha-male,


‘Oh, yes. Perfect.’

‘OK. Come over around eight. It will give me an excuse to put something sexy on

as well.’

‘Oh, yes!. Your little Marvin is in for a treat tonight!’

Marvin turns up that night on time.

Rosa opens the door and he stands there sheepishly, pale, gaunt and unshaven,

wearing faded jeans, cheap shoes and a dirty tee-shirt, and she is instantly

aware of the transformation in him since she last saw him. He’s definitely come

back for more.

‘Come in Marvin. You’re looking really well! Go on into the lounge. I have a friend

here. Don’t worry about her. She’s also a therapist and we often work together.’

Marvin has already clocked Rosa’s pink rubber tights and tight white lycra low

cut top. When he walks into the lounge there’s another beautiful young women

sitting there, in a black rubber dress.

‘Hi, I’m Jane.’

They settle down. Rosa brings out wine and three glasses.

‘So tell me Marvin, what is it you wanted to talk about? I was so disappointed

you stopped coming to see me. I thought you were making good progress.’

Marvin sinks down into the large soft sofa and the two mistresses sit in

armchairs facing him.

He looks nervously at Rosa and after a deliberation he speaks. His voice is weak,

nervous, shaky.

‘OK. Well, I stopped coming to therapy because I got scared. The stuff you were

talking about freaked me out a bit. I didn’t know what it was all about...

So then I tried to just carry on, pretend everything was ok. I kept doing the

mediation exercises you taught me and that helped with the stress...

But, well, I kept thinking about what you said about how I needed to create an

escape route, a sanctuary, a place where I could slip away to and remind myself

who I am, and I realised that was true. All my life I’ve wanted to let go, and

not care or feel afraid all the time...’

His voice trails off again as he struggles to clear his mind and locate the words

he needs.

‘And then one night I had this incredible dream that I was a doll. A little pink

doll, safe and warm, inside a clear plastic bag, hanging on a rail in a toy shop.

People came and looked at my soft naked body, felt my soft rubbery flesh

through the crinkly protective bag. When I woke up I couldn’t stop thinking

about the doll... That’s when some of the stuff you were talking about started to

make sense...’



Rosa glances at Jane. They exchange furtive glances as Marvin looks down into

his pocket and fetches out a crumpled pack of rolling tobacco. Then Rosa says,

‘Well that’s great Marvin! It’s a good sign. Remember I talked about the doll

idea, and how it can be developed as a fantasy, an alternative world for people

to slip into when they need to?’

Marvin looks up at Eva and manages a weak smile before he speaks.

‘Yes, I knew it must have come from you. It actually felt good to think that you

had deliberately placed the idea into my brain...’


‘Yes. Erm, do you mind if I smoke?’

‘Not at all.’ says Rosa.

Marvin attempts to roll a cigarette. His hands are shaky and he fumbles with

the cigarette paper. Rosa gets up to fetch an ash-tray.

Jane leans forward and says,

‘You know, Rosa knows exactly what she is doing. She’s one of the best. You’re in

safe hands...’

Rosa returns and as she places the ashtray on the coffee table in front of

Marvin, she asks,

‘And you continue to have these dreams?’

‘Yes, but now it’s no longer just the dreams. I can’t stop wanting to be that doll;

mindless, helpless, no thoughts, no responsibility, just a soft body, ready to be

played with by anyone who passes by. I started to think about it all the time,

and the more I thought about it, the more it started to arouse me...’

Rosa slaps the black leather arm of her chair with delight.

‘But that’s good! Nothing to be alarmed about. It’s a sign that the programming

is working. Your sexual energy is being accessed to reinforce the satisfaction of

being a mindless doll. Wouldn’t you agree, Jane?’

Jane smiles and chips in,

‘Yes! It has to give you pleasure, Marvin, after all. It’s a healthy addiction.’

Marvin attempts to light his thin, crooked roll-up. Then he continues.

‘Then I started realising that every time I saw something pink, or even a piece

of clear plastic, the doll fantasy would come into my head. I wanted to find a

way I could escape from reality and just be that doll all the time, just in my

head... So then I remembered you talked about using triggers...’

‘Oh yes. They can be very useful, very effective...’ says Rosa.

Marvin continues. His voice is quiet, interrupted by the occasional cough,

moments of confusion, and deliberation.

‘I decided that I needed something that would keep me focussed for as long as

possible on being a mindless doll.. So every morning I started wrapped a clear

plastic bag around my cock and keeping it there all day, so I would be

constantly reminded of what it would feel like to be inside a plastic sack, and

contantly aroused...’

Rosa tries to hide her sense of victory.

‘Excellent work Marvin! And has it worked?’

He looks up at Rosa.


‘Have you got plastic around your cock now?’

Marvin looks down at his wine glass. Picks it up and drains it.

‘Yes.’ he says, softly.

‘Good boy,’ purrs Rosa, ‘ I think you are heading in precisely the right direction.’

Marvin flicks ash into the ash-tray. He is silent for a moment, and then his soft

mumbling continues.

‘The thing is that now....I cannot think about anything else. It’s a complete


Rosa tries to sound as reassuring as she can.

‘Marvin, it’s the beginning of a new life...’


‘Yes. So tell me how it feels when you slip away...’

Marvin thinks for a minute. Takes a while to push the smoke out from his lungs,

to find the words he needs.

‘Ok. Well, every time I get the rubberdoll idea in my brain, I instantly become

weak and soft, my back curves, my bum sticks out, my mouth drops open, my

eyes glaze over, and I become incredibly horny.’

‘Good. This is very encouraging...’ says Rosa.

‘I found a way of sinking deeper into this state, and staying there for longer

periods. I go through this visualisation, a bit like the relaxation exercise you

taught me. It’s like an automatic programme in my brain now. As soon it swiches

on, I say to myself ‘Brainwash: Brainwash,’ and a hole in the top of my head

opens up, clear warm liquid flows in, into an empty vessel, washing my brain,

washing out all my thinking, all that angry grit, washing out the tension in my

head. My mouth drops open, warm liquid gushes out, down it goes, down it

gushes, through my body, relaxing all the muscles, sending waves of pleasure

down my spine, gushing down through my pelvis, gushing out through my cock

and ass, gushing down my legs, relaxing all the muscles, taking out the tension

and the stress, gushing out through my toes, all that dirt, all that tension,

anger, pain, memory, fear, washing out, flushing through, leaving me empty, clean

of thoughts and stress...’

His voice trails off for a minute. He looks out at nothing and then after a long

sigh, he says,

‘ a little rubber doll, hanging in a toy shop...’

He takes another mouthful of wine and continues, now with more confidence.

Jane gets the impression he really needs to share this.

‘Still the liquid pours through down though the inside of my body, deep cleaning,

till I’m just a transparent shell, soft and rubbery, washed clean, empty of

everything that was me... Then I visualise now the liquid slowly turns to warm

pink gooey liquid pouring into my head, sliding down the inside of my face, past

my vacant eyes, pouring out through my open mouth, over my gaping tongue,

down through my empty body, filling me up from the feet, slowly, bit by bit, and

I fill up... I become that soft pink rubber doll, and the pink liquid makes me soft

and curvy, makes me stick out my ass, fills out my cock and makes it stiff and

hard and poke out like a rod in front of me... Soon the pink liquid stops seeping

out. It fills up slowly, up to the top of my head and when that is filled up, the

transformation is complete. Now I am that soft pink rubber doll, inside a clear

plastic wrapper, hanging in a toy shop display, waiting....’

In the brief silence that follows, the two mistresses gaze contentedly at Marvin’s

pale tired eyes, his gaze constantly down at his hands fumbling in his lap.

Rosa speaks softly.

‘Well, Marvin. That sounds like you have come up with a very effective way of

slipping into trance. I’m very proud of you. And I imagine that talking to me,

about this, like you are, at the moment, is probably arousing you...’

Marvin’s mouth is dry. He takes another sip.


‘Good. Tell me, how are things with your private life? Is this de-stress technique

giving you the chance to manage the responsibilities of work and home any


Marvin sinks back in the sofa and sighs.

‘Well, I lost my job. I couldn’t concentrate. They sacked me. Nothing reallly

seemed that important to me any more... And then my wife left me. She said I

wasn’t there any more, which I wasn’t... not really.... So now I’m sitting around

every day, aroused from morning till night. I sink into trance and masturbate. I

edge for hours on the brink of orgasm. I sit and drool, stare out into space,

keeping myself edged, while in my head I imagine what happens to Dolly, the

people who use her... By evening I’m desperate to come and then finally when I

despunk it’s like the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had. Every night. I am exhausted.’

‘Sounds great!’ exclaims Rosa, adding,

‘You’re doing very well. You mustn’t stop now. You’re in exactly the right place.

It’s OK to feel afraid. It’s normal, but you must fight that fear. Just carry on.

The more you think about that doll, the more you actually become it.’

Marvin seems distracted, not taking in much of what Rosa is saying.

‘I’ve started to hear voices, telling dolly to go out and do things in public.

Last week she picked up girlie clothes and bondage gear on line, and invited a

complete stranger round, and he ended up tying my hands behind my back and

fucking me. But it wasn’t me, it was the doll... Then yesterday morning I was

already spaced out by nine am, walking around the house naked and horny, with

a butt plug in my ass and a dildo gag in my mouth. I’d wrapped my entire body

up in plastic wrap and just my cock was poking out, and I was reciting my doll

mantra over and over again. ‘I am a midnless rubber dolly in a plastic bag,’ over

and over again...

I stayed in that state all day, drooling and adging mindlessly, until finally I

convinced myself that the only way to come was to cuff my hands behind my

back and suffocate myself. I stopped just in time. I was scared. I decided I

needed help. That’s why I called you. I cannot stop myself. I don’t think I can

carry on like this for much longer. You got me into this. I think you ought to

get me out of it now..’

Rosa smiles. Takes a breath.

‘Marvin, you have been so courageous! I am so proud of you. I really didn’t think

those triggers were going to stick, but they have. Look at you! So different,

younger relaxed, and ready to go on to the next stage.’

Marvin looks up, confused.

‘The next stage?’

‘Yes. I can show you how you can be a rubberdoll permanently. Because that’s

what you ultimitely want now. Isn’t it?’

There is a moment of hesitation.


Rosa puts down her wine glass.

‘OK. So let’s start right away...

I want you to sink for me. Right now. Repeat the brainwash mantra.

Sink down into trance. Arouse yourself, and when you’re mindless and vacant

and there’s nothing in your head, then we can proceed to the next level.’

Marvin sinks back further into the chair. He closes his eyes, start mumbling, his

body sags, his face relaxes, he sinks down into a deep meditative state. In his

mind, the warm soft pink liquid is slowly filling up inside him. It takes a minute

and then he is still, eyes open but unfocussed, mouth open, drooling. The front of

his grubby jeans bulges with his erection.

Eva and Jane exchange smiles and then Eva speaks softly to Marvin.

‘I think dolly needs to get out of those silly male clothes. Don’t you, Jane?’

Marvin gets up like a zombie, undresses and stands before them, staring out into

nothingness, his shoulders slightly stooped, his ass sticking out slightly. His cock,

wrapped in plastic wrap is stiff and hard. He starts to caress it gently with his


Rosa and Jane watch. They sip their wine silently.

Then after a minute Jane whispers to Rosa,

‘What happens now?’

Rosa whispers back.

‘He’s completely in trance now. He’s switched off his brain. Everything wiped

away. Ready now for transportation.’

She turns to Marvin.

‘Well look at that, Jane! Such a pretty little pink rubber dolly!’ It’s got a lovely

rubbery ass, a soft wet mouth and even a little rubber cock, for people to play


‘Yes, you’re right, Rosa. I can just imagine all the fun they will have with this


‘Well, it’s time to her inside her protective bag.’

‘Oh, yes, sealed up tight, nice and warm, safe from all those nasty viruses...’

Rosa leaves the room to fetch out a large clear plastic sack, from the cupboard

under the stairs. Jane stares at the vacant expression on Marvin’s face.

She whispers to him,

‘Mmm, lucky dolly. Nothing to worry about any more...’

Rosa returns, open out the plastic sack and places it on the floor for Marvin to

step into. Jane helps her to lift the plastic up, gather it up over his head and

seal up the sack with a piece of red ribbon. Marvin stands naked inside it,

completely oblivious to everything.

‘There you are, dolly, safe inside your soft plastic bag.’ says Rosa.

Marvin strokes his cock, lost in a blissfull dream.

Rosa puts her arm around his shoulder, speaks softly into his plastic covered ear.

‘Lucky Dolly. Safe and warm. Soon you’ll be taken to the factory for

modifications and then your new life as a doll will begin. Just think what fun

you will have. Imagine the people coming into the shop, imagine what they will

want to do with you. But don’t ejaclulate yet. We need to save that for the


Rosa walks gets up. She turns to Jane.

‘Just going to make a call, see if there’s a driver nearby who can pick him up


Jane gets up to and goes over to gaze once more at Marvin’s face inside the

giant clear plastic sack. His eyes still vacant, his jaw hanging down, drool

dripping down from his sagging tongue. He stands perfectly still, but for the

gentle rythmic plastic crackle of hand rubbing cock.

Rosa comes back into the lounge.

‘Good news. there’ll be a truck here in fifteen minutes.’

‘Oh, great. Then we can go out!’

Rosa smiles.

‘Yeah. That will be nice.’

Jane looks back at Marvin’s shiny body.

‘Are you not going to secure him? What if he slips out of trance?’

‘It’s never happened to me before...’

Jane shrugs her shoulders, reaches into her bag for a cigarette.

Rosa thinks for a moment.

‘OK. I’ll get some cable ties then just in case.’

Moments later they stand each side Marvin, zipping up thick black cable ties

tight around his ankles, knees, hips and neck, leaving his hand his free to jerk is

cock, slowly pumping like a machine in perpetual motion.

The door bell rings. The new dolly is carried out to the truck and lifted into a

spare seat at with half a dozen naked figures sitting silently at the back, all

sealed up inside clear plastic sacks. The steel doors shut. Rosa watches the truck

reverse up the drive, waves and smiles at the driver and then rejoins Jane in

the kitchen, for a second bottle of wine.

‘Well that was easy.’ says Jane.

‘Yeah.’ mumbles Rosa modestly and they clink their refilled glasses.

‘Cheers. One less to worry about.’ says Jane.

‘Too right. Cheers!’ says Rosa.

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