FetishCollect Needs YOU!

Are you an aspiring Hypndomme? A fetish model with a penchant for seduction? Do you have your own camera? Then READ ON!

Fetish Collect is a new adult brand that seeks to become an industry leader in the promotion of unique adult content. With over 8 years experience in the industry, huge mailing comprised of hundreds of thousands of customers who love Hypnosis and Fetish clips plus an extremely large social media following built up over the previous 8 years, becoming part of our team can be hugely beneficial!!


Our aim is simple, to show the world what you can do! Simply email us (Or use the become a model page which can be found here).

If selected we will work alongside you (And pay you) to create some unique clips for us. Having spent vast amounts of time guiding, writing, filming and promoting some of the top adult models in the industry we'll work with you to create a clip that we know will get you in front of a large audience. We then set about getting our editing team (Video specialist and special effects) to add that extra 'Ommmff' to your clip. Once complete we put the clip in our store and promote both you and the clip to our mailing lists and 41,000 Twitter followers. We'll shortly be adding a bio page to the website where you can list your wish lists and link to your social media accounts giving you the possibility of instant massive growth.

We're also currently working closely with a new lingerie sponsor (Which we'll be announcing soon) meaning whoever works for us will receive a free gift bag, who doesn't love free gifts right?

As Fetish Collect grows we'll also be keeping a sharp eye on how each model does and, should you be one of our top models, you'll get an invite to spend time on our little island in the Med filming at our physical studio (And having lots of fun outside of the studio, after all we're lucky to live in paradise!).

We hope that your unique capability mixed with our knowledge and creativity will take both your business and ours to the next level!

So what are you waiting for? GET IN TOUCH

Alternatively drop us an email at

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