Date A Domme

Yes, yes, we all know, it's your ultimate fantasy, one that feels out of reach and impossible.

Opening on Tinder with 'I like to wear rubber, get whipped and wear a chastity device' doesn't seem to get the reaction we're looking for. Even if it did it's not the first thing most people like to admit and finding a partner that's understanding when it comes to your kinks and fetishes can not only be hard but incredibly daunting.

Here at FetishCollect we decided to undertake a mission. We took one agreeable fan, a plethora of dating sites and set out on a voyage of discovery to see if dating a real life Domme is achievable.

We initially signed up to a number of websites which can all be found along with our rating at the bottom of this blog but, for the purpose of this blog we're going to focus on the one we had most success with.....

Now we've been around in the fetish world for over 10 years and bizarrely never even heard of Probably due to the fact that when you type in terms like 'Fetish dating' you get a whole load of normal dating sites. Whilst we're massive fans of Fetlife we found that dating a Domme via Fetlife was improbable as most these days seem to be ProDommes. That's where comes in.

We'll leave you with Steve, our tester.

'I won't lie, I'm from a generation where dating was done at restaurants and bars so this whole new fangled online dating seemed strange to me, even stranger that I was about to embark on a journey to find a Domme I could actually date'

'I tried a number of sites, some good, some bad and some just downright confusing. on the other hand was rather easy to get to grips with. My only criticism is that the layout was a bit tricky to get used to, but once I got used to it a whole new world opened up to me'

'I'm so used to paying for domination online that the idea of dating someone who's into dominating me was exciting but, seemed somewhat impossible'

'I had a good look through before attempting to contact anyone. There's a massive range of fetish based movies, pics and the forum was pretty amazing and very interactive with lots of people sharing stories, something I loved as many fetish forums seemed to have died a death'

'Then I set up my profile which was straightforward, selected my kinks and all the usual things you'd expect from a dating site, one of the things that surprised me was just how many users were in my part of the UK'

'It was around 3 hours later when I got shocked. Now I thought I'd be the one approaching Dommes which always feels a bit awkward but to my BIG surprise I received a message from a rather beautiful Domme called Donna who lived around 30 miles away, was a couple of years younger than me and had a love of all things BDSM'

'I won't lie, there was a big part of me that was expecting the 'Ok now you pay xx for a session' but it never came and the conversation flowed easily, not just D/s conversation either. We conversed about a whole manner of things and would dip in and out of D/s. For once it felt real, no payment, no chasing, just proper conversations with an amazing woman who loved domination'

'By day three I'd actually messaged a number of Dommes to see if they were all as genuine as Donna. To my surprise two didn't reply, but all the others did and none mentioned payment. I became hooked on Donna though, there was something special about her and we spent vast amounts of time chatting'

'I never thought I'd end up subscribing to a dating site, but once my time was up with the test I instantly logged in and went for the same kind of premium account I'd had when talking to Donna. You can use the site for free to test it out, but it's obviously limited use and to be honest as I usually pay between £30 and £50 for a short skype session to scratch my submissive itch, it didn't cost much more for a years membership and instead of acting out my fantasies over a camera it looks like there's a real chance I'll get to act them out with a like minded woman who it seems I may end up dating'

'Donna and I plan to meet up as soon as the lockdown is over and I honestly cannot wait. I really recommend to anyone who wants to actually date a Domme or meet a Domme who's into the scene for the lifestyle and not just money!'

'I'll keep up to date on what happens with Donna. Thank you you've opened up a whole new world to me!'

So there you have it! It's possible!!!! Want to start your own real lifestyle Domme dating adventure?

Just click here -

Other Dating Sites We Tried

Ashley Madison 4/5 (Click Banner below for Ashley Madison)

A great site for those simply looking for sex. Far less kink orientated but we're sure with a little digging there's some kinksters on there!

SmartLink Dating Nude 3.5/5 (Click Banner below for Smartlink Dating nude)

A site definitely worth a mention. We did find some kinksters and actually had a lot of fun on this site but it still wasn't as good as our top choice.

Other worth a mention

4 CLUB 4/5 - A great fun dating site, lots of kinky people.

So there we have it! It is indeed possible to 'Date a Domme' in real life! What are you waiting for!

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