Big news and new releases!

We have some massive news this weekend! But before we get onto the big news we'd like to thank all those who supported our launch! It was a great success and we're super excited to know that FetishCollect will be growing rapidly from here on in!

Firstly, we must give a massive shout out to Goddess Kate (Follow her Twitter HERE) Not only is she insanely hot, intelligent and extremely skilled we guarantee that she'll have you on your knees before you can say 'Weak'.

And on that note we're super excited to release her first HFO (Hands free orgasm) Hypnosis for fetish collect. It's a small but incredibly powerful file that'll cause so much leakage, you'll have to call a plumber! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE HFO FILE IN FULL (IWantClips fans can see it here instead)

We're also super excited to announce that the infamous and insatiable Annabel Fatale (Follow her Twitter HERE) Has released her first EPIC file for FetishCollect! 'CONNECTED' It's an extra long file that uses incredibly unique triggers, it's interactive, it's hot and will have your inner submissive triggered by the sight of .... Well, you'll have to buy the clip to find out. CLICK HERE TO SEE ANNABELS FULL CONNECTED HYPNOSIS. (IWantClips fans can see it here instead)

We know you're going to ADORE the new releases! But now onto some REALLY BIG NEWS!

As a team we've been producing fetish clips and been a big part of the scene for over 8 years. As we launched our new FetishCollect project it seems we caught the eye of a large lingerie company who asked us how they could improve their business to be more Adult world friendly.

Having received many cheap Chinese garments from Amazon over the years we knew that a giftcard and wishlist option for a company that sells quality lingerie would go down a storm! As such the company in question are now coding and beta testing their website to implement both a giftcard and wishlist option!!!! That means you'll get Victorias secret quality for Amazon prices at the expense of your slaves and fans! The company has also now become a full time sponsor of FetishCollect and will provide a free giftbag to any Models or Dommes who work for us over the next few months! (You can apply to be a FetishCollect model here)

We will shortly name the company once the giftcard and wishlist options are live and functioning!

Once again we thank all of our customers for your support! We hope to produce insanely hot hypnosis and fetish clips for many MANY years to come!


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