Autobiography of Mistress Rosa by Daniel Guy

Autobiography of Mistress Rosa

by Daniel Guy

Chapter One

A: The story of my pathway to enlightenment, starting as many often do, with heartbreak and misery.

I’m twenty four, not long out of university, working for a great advertising company in the city, and I’m living with a tall, blond, charming and successful businessman called Jeremy, a man I am completely in love with. Everything is top banana, and then one day I discover he’s shagging other women. We’ve been going out for three years, and I’m that close to marrying the bastard.

The discovery, the betrayal and separation is traumatic and I start to spiral down into a deep depression. All my ambition and zest for life evaporates. I leave my job. I lock myself away. I hear from a mutual friend a few months after that Jeremy thought I was a bit overweight, so of course I decide to start to starve myself, and then when it gets out of control, friends and family begin to worry.

Then, out of the blue my Aunt Mary sends me a long email. (I’ve kept it, printed it out and it’s in a frame, hanging in the spare room.) Aunt Mary never married and had recently retired, having been a hypnotherapist for years. We had always been close and I’ve always been grateful to her for encouraging me to study psychology at university. Anyway, this is what she writes…

Dear Rosa,

Just heard the news from your mum about you and Jeremy.

So sorry to hear you are suffering.

The last thing I want to watch is my favourite niece being damaged by men. So I am giving you some serious advice and hope you take it.

It would be too easy to say that men should be treated as pets and if you don’t train them, they will make your life miserable. But men are too intelligent and mean to be pets. If you want to live with them, you have to go further. You have to enslave them.

Enslaving a man couldn’t be more easy. The key is to make him enjoy being humiliated. It’s that simple. Most men want to be passive, but they are conditioned to being ashamed of being soft. The tougher they pretend to be, the more they secretly want to be passive victims. All you need to do is to peel off the layers, get to the inside, and then you can control and manipulate them.

So next time you meet a man you like, dance your dance till you have him hungry for sex with you and then you need to start to train him straight away. You have to start off by humiliating him, draining off that alfa male ego thing, make him soft, meek, ashamed.

You call him puppy to start off with and then you call him your little doggy. You promise him sex and get him horny but then you make him wear your lipstick and tell him how much you love seeing him like that. You call him your sissy boy and then jerk him off instead. You slip you're lipstick into his pockets so when he finds it, he thinks of you jerking him off. You keep doing stuff like that to him, creating little triggers, till he associates humiliation with being horny.

You make it clear that you need to be in control when it comes to sex. Sell the idea to him. He just has to do as he is told and promise him you’ll make the experience very horny for him, more horny than he’s ever felt before.

Buy him a leather collar and make him wear it before you shag him. Get him used to being restrained tied up and helpless, make him pleasure you with his tongue or his dick while you flick through Instagram on your phone or whatever. Tell him you like to spank him across your knee when he annoys you. Talk to him like a he’s a naughty boy.

Then you need to start work on the physical transformation. He need to accept the idea that you prefer his face covered. Get hold of a latex mask or hood. Tell him It arouses you to see him wearing it. A latex mask dehumanises him, makes him a faceless robot. Get used to making love to an object, not a man. Treat him like a sex slave. Keep him hard for as long as possible.

When you’ve got him trained to do that, you need to move on to the next level. Start playing games with him. Tell him he’ll get sex when he’s completed the dares you come up with. Make him wear your knickers for a day at work, make him walk to the local park and piss in his jeans and come back and show the wet patch as proof. Tell him he has to walk around the kitchen naked with your knickers hanging from his erect cock for five minutes, and if he goes limp and they drop off, you’ll lean him over the table and spank his ass with a rubber glove.

Your job is to break him down as an alpha male and rebuild him as a sissy or a bimbo. Feminising a man is a great way to break him down, make him soft, make him think differently. Make him stick his ass out when he walks. Tell him you enjoy watching him like that, dick between his legs where is should be, and not thrusting out in front like some kind of spear.

Anal sex is another excellent activity to encourage submissiveness in a man. It’s enjoyed by anyone who likes to be subjugated, so the more things you can stick up his ass the better. Tell him you love fucking him with a strap on. One of his dares should be to walk around with a butt plug all way.

Whatever you do, you need to go gently, progress gradually, or you’ll frighten him away.

Remember, the key to altering his brain is his dick. You have to keep him edged for a very long time. This weakens his resolve, and if he’s getting off on being humiliated, he won’t be aggressive. You keep him hard for an hour and then you start to put messages in his head.

You tell him that you’ve cast a spell over him. Tell him every stroke of his cock, wipes out his will and empties his mind. Tell him you like him to be your slave. You make him please you first and then you reward him. Keep doing this until you wear him down.

Get him used to being naked, masked and on his knees in front of you, mindless, docile passive, horny as hell, just aching to come, aching to shag you. Get him to beg you, get him to carry out humiliating tasks, get him to call you mistress, stuff like that.

It’s good to make him recite mantras - ‘I am mistress Sara’s fuck slave,’ ‘I am a mindless drone,’ stuff like that, and make him say them over and over, to constantly reinforce his new sense of self.

When you think he’s ready for it, take him outside to a quiet woodland one night and make him wank naked for you while he’s on his knees. Then you piss in face face and tell him to come. If he comes at once, then you know you’re on the right track.

But remember, all the power you have over him stops the moment he comes, so you have to keep going with him till you get to a point where some permanent change takes place in his brain. You will need to get him to the stage where he will drink your piss, and then his own. Then you start working up to the next level. You put the idea into his head that soon he’ll be eating shit. You let that settle for a while and then you make him do it.

The final test is to get him to swallow his sperm. This is tricky because as I say, when a man ejaculates, his erotic fantasies slip back into subconsciousness and he wants to return to normality, so you have to keep going. Make him drink it and then start jerking again, so he doesn’t slip out of trance.

Once you can get him to do that then you can be pretty sure that he’s completely tamed, and you shouldn’t get any trouble out of him after that.

That’s what progressive and enlightened women call Level One Training. Promise me you will do this next time!

It’s the only way.

Trust me.

Sending love


PS. If you want to know about other levels - let me know. I’ll send you the links.

I am pretty blown away by what she writes and have to read the message several times to let it sink in. There were always rumours about Aunt Mary passing round the family, but I’d never have guessed she would come up with anything like this. I write back straight away and say I am interested in knowing more, and a couple of days later I get a reply.

Hi Rosa,

Re: Further training…

OK. Well for many enlightened women these days, having their men as obedient, submissive slaves is not enough. They often want to continue the training, and transform men into rubber toys, cash slaves, faceless drones that can be made to work, made to pleasure. Some turn them permanently into sissy girls, bimbos and rubberdolls. But to do that you need some basic skills in hypnosis.

If you’re interested, I’ve attached links to some sites which will give you all the information you need. I also know of a couple of experienced mistresses who can advise you on all this. There’s also my friend Sonia, who runs a male re-programming course. She’s great. I attach her links too.



I look up all the stuff Aunt Mary lists. I spend weeks alone in my flat, researching. I end up reading a lot of articles and watching a lot of videos and my mind is suddenly opened. I realise there’s a brand new world out there waiting for me. I cut my hair short. I buy myself a sexy black rubber dress and rubber boots.

I meet up with Sonia and she shows me round The Factory. I am led into a huge hall, I see a line of faceless men, rubber drones, chained to steel pumping machines that fuck their asses and drain them of cum. I confess, I find it quite arousing.

Sonia sends me a link to an on-line course about how to hypnotise men and turn them into rubber slaves, which I find really useful. Six months later I am ready and determined to get started. The first person I contact is Jeremy.

B : Revenge…

It’s very obvious that Jeremy is very pleased to hear from me, and he’s thrilled when I suggest going to visit him at the week-end. I know he’s still fond of me, misses my body and my innocence, my passion for life. I arrive at his apartment wearing my sexy black rubber dress and black rubber boots up to my thighs. I sit on his couch and he opens one of his precious expensive bottles of wine.

-Good to see you again, Rosa.

Thanks. Now then Jeremy. Sit down over there.

Jeremy puts down the bottle and sits in the armchair opposite me, and I begin the speech I have prepared.

Before we go on any further, I think I need to explain a few things. I get the impression you’re keen to jump into bed with me and that’s fine. You need to keep that in mind, because I promise you, you are going to have a very horny time tonight. But tis time it’s going to be different. It isn’t going to happen quite the way you think it is. I want to play some games first. You want to play?

Jeremy grins. He’s believes he’s up for anything. I think he probably likes me looking slimmer.

You see the thing is, that I have this kind of erotic fantasy in my head. And it involves you being a mindless rubber slave…

Jeremy’s expression soon turns to one of what-the-fuck. He has no idea what I am talking about. Maybe he’s thinking I’m on drugs. He laughs nervously and I laugh back at him. I know what’s in his head. He’s trying to assess if the sex he wants will be happening tonight.

You are a weak man, Jeremy. That doesn’t matter. Maybe you think you’re tough, you think you can resist me me. If you are then that actually makes things easier for me. So I want to try these ideas on you, play some sex games. And if they’re going to work then you need to let go of the idea of being in control, and just be weak for me. Since we last met I decided to learn how to manage weak men. I know how to manage them, make them feel good. You want to feel good? Then I believe that this is your chance. There is nothing to stop you, except yourself.

These games we are going to play are going to make you think differently for a while, and behave in ways you’ve never behaved before. So just go along with it all. I promise you, it will be

very horny. OK?

Jeremy is still mystified. He is realising that I have changed and I am more confident and assertive than before. He’s trying to work out if he likes me like this.


- Er, yeah, sure.

I put down my glass, reach up slowly, pull down the top of my rubber dress and reveal my breasts.

Remember these. You always said you loved the shape of them. These will keep your gaze. You must not take your eyes off them…

Just sit back and stare….

Imagine that you are letting go and slowly sinking, sinking till my warm soft beautiful breasts envelope you completely…

Good boy.

Keep staring. Forget about anything else.

Let go of everything you’re thinking about. It’s not important right now. Not here, in this room, right now. Pretend instead that you have already been hooked. Imagine I have cast a spell over you. Play along with me Jeremy. I promise you it will arouse you…

You feel a little strange already, don’t you. You feel a little…. weak. You feel something, an aura, a breath of wind has entered your body, or maybe something in the air you have breathed, and already you are feeling different, weak, as if some other force is taking over, stopping you from resisting. So just let go. Go along with it. Give up control. Just follow my instructions. Enjoy whatever happens next. It’s the sight of my lovely breasts that are making you weak…

Accept that this is happening. My hypnotic breasts are making you let go and give up all resistance…

Now this is the moment where you choose to give up something very important to you. Your cock. Yes. You don’t need to worry about it any more. You have no more responsibility over it. It belongs to me. And though you might not want to believe this now, I’m telling you, just so you know, that bit by bit, I am taking control of it. I am re-programming your brain. Sounds silly. Feels daft to think about your cock right now, and the idea that it’s getting hard because I am instructing it. I am sending the messages down from your brain, and it has nothing to do with you anymore. Your cock is getting hard because of me. You have nothing more to worry about, so just enjoy the warm and pleasurable sensation. You are becoming aroused. Your cock is pumping up slowly. You have no more responsibility for it, no guilt. It’s out of your control. And that feels food. Doesn’t it.

Say yes, Jeremy.

- Yes,.

The only time you can re-programme a man’s mind is when you’ve had him on the edge of orgasm for an hour. So that’s what I have to do with you right now. All you have now is the image of my breasts in your mind, and words I am giving you. Nothing more, and a cock that is slowly getting hard…

You want to get that cock out, don’t you. It’s getting hard and it needs some space. Say yes.


Go on then. Show me that big cock of yours. Unzip your fly and get it out. Jeremy unzips his fly. His cock bounces out.

Good boy.

I sense that saying ‘Good boy’ to him is having an effect.

It’s making him sheepish and meek. It’s arousing him more.

Goooood boy…

Now start stroking for me.

Jeremy reaches down and begins to stroke.

Masturbating is good. It empties the mind, it turns you into a mindless goon. You will edge until there is nothing left in your brain except the image of by beautiful breasts and the sound of my voice. Keep stroking, nice and slow…

Now I want you to get down on your knees and crawl very slowly over to me. I want to see if you can do this while you keep stroking your cock, and without taking your eyes off my breasts.

As Jeremy moves towards me, I reach into my bag and pull out my laptop. I place it on my knees, switch it on and start up my video. I turn the laptop round so the screen is facing him. I get out some headphones from my bag. He kneels. I make him move closer to the screen. I make him stare at the screen. I plug in the headphones place them over his ears.

As he watches, I take out my cigarettes from my bag. I never used to smoke. I started after I split from Jeremy. As I smoke a cigarette stare at Jeremy’s vacant face, lit by the flickering lights from the screen.

I’ve spent a week creating this video and I’m keen to find out if it has any effect. I found a way of downloading spirals and adapting them to my own particular design, of editing in clips of ejactulating cocks and leather clad mistresses whipping the buttocks of men bent over in submission. I worked out how to write in subliminal messages to the video and add a sound track designed to encourage the brain to slip into trance.

The video ends. The screen goes blank. Blank, like Jeremy’s face. Drool drips down from his chin. I blow smoke into his face. No reaction. I stub out my cigarette, take off the headphones and put the laptop away.

You are now an empty shell. Now you are relaxed. No anxiety.

All thinking, left behind. You don’t need to think right now. Just follow my words. It’s easy. Each breath in makes you feel just that little bit weaker. It’s all right. You are in a blissful state of emptiness. You will continue to edge for me for a long time, but you will not come, because I control your cock.

Jeremy kneels there with his cock out, his eyes fixed once again on my breasts, his eyes glazed, his mouth ajar, stroking his cock slowly, as commanded. I continue…

There exist two kinds of men, those who accept this and crave submission, and those who are in denial. Men’s minds, especially those who are in denial can be permanently re wired, reprogrammed relatively easily and quickly.

You see, when you have kept a man on the very edge of orgasm for more than an hour, his brain becomes very susceptible to new ideas and new ways of thinking. He loses his capacity to reason and take responsibility and is open pretty much any suggestion, subliminal or not…

That’s how I’m going to change your thinking, and turn you into loyal and obedient rubber slave….

This programme I’ve come up with is designed for this purpose. Tonight you are being taken through the first stage, and in the next few weeks you’ll continue to be programmed till you reach level zero. Then you’ll cease to be who you are. Instead you’ll be a drone, an empty shell, with a hard-on, nothing in your head but the thought that you are nothing more than a mindless drone, taking orders given by powerful women life myself. Don’t worry, thousands of men have already undergone this kind of programming. You’ll meet them soon, I promise. You’ll just be one of them, living a life of blissful simplicity.

I watch him. I study his pathetic face, drained of all expression, the thin line of drool, hanging from his bottom lip.

Good boy…

When I feel he is ready, I say,

You want to come now, but before I let you, I want you to repeat what was on my video. You have become my mindless fuck slave.

Say it. “I am a mindless fuck slave” Say it.

Whisper it at first. Later on you will be shouting it out.

Finally Jeremy begins to mumble something.


He mumbles again.


He takes a breath and finally he is audible.

-I am a mindless fuck slave’.

I laugh at him, out loud.

Good boy. Say it again.

-I am a mindless fuck slave.’

Good boy. Seeing you like this makes me very aroused, Jeremy. This is what I want from you. This is how it’s going to be.

I make him say it a thousand times and then I reach into my bag and fetch out a small jam jar. I open the lid and hold the jar close to Jeremy’s dick.

Now it’s time for the mindless fuck slave to be emptied.

He jerks off into the jam-jar. I close the lid, get up, put the jar in my bag, pull up the top of my rubber dress, get up and put on my coat.

OK. Jeremy. I’m leaving now. I shall come back here same time next week. If you agree. If you think you don’t want to continue the programming, then try leaving me a message. Somehow, I don’t think you will.

I pick up my handbag and leave the apartment.

I spend the week preparing for the next session, learning scripts and monologues off by heart. Jeremy, I imagine spends the week in a kind of turmoil, determined to stop me from coming back the following weekend, but in the end never quite doing it. I arrive, dressed in the same black latex dress and we sit down in the same chairs as before. When he’s finished serving me wine he clears his throat and says,

-Listen, I don’t mind a bit of kinky sex, and if you want, I’m happy to do try out your fantasies, but this re-programming stuff you were into last week, it freaks me out a bit…

I ignore him. I open my bag and bring out a shiny black latex mask, with three holes for the eyes and mouth and a zip down the back.

I’ve brought you a present. I hope you like it.

I toss it over to him.

Try it. I hope it fits.

- Listen, Rosa…

Oh, please Jeremy!

I say it in a coy and innocent way, like I used to with him.

Just let me see what you look like with it on.

He sighs and puts the mask on his head. It takes a while. I watch him struggle and imagine that he’s never touched rubber clothing before in his life. He zips it up tight at the back and then blinks out at me through the tiny round holes in the mask.

It fits! You look great.

I slowly pull down the front of my rubber dress and reveal my breasts to him once more. Now stare, like you did last time. That was soo horny.

I watch the masked figure sitting in front of me, frozen and shifting uneasily. A quivering voice comes from inside the mask.

- Rosa, look, I don’t really…’

‘Sssshhh, just stare at my breasts. I’m going to countdown from ten to one and by one, you should have your cock out and be on your knees, wanking for me.’

By the time I reach five, he is doing as he is told.

I’m taking you down to zero. Zero is a place with no limitations. Think of that. You will have no resistance. You will not be thinking. You’ll be mindless fuck slave, doing exactly what I tell you to do. That will be fun, won’t it? Watching you on your knees with a huge erection sticking out, your eyes glazed, drool oozing down your chin, mouth open, ready for whatever I choose to put in it, maybe a breast, maybe a big fat dildo…You just wait and see…

That’s it, Jeremy. Keep going till I say stop.

I pull up my rubber dress and open my legs and make him crawl over to my and lick me exactly how I like to be licked. I fetch out from my bag a pink rubber vibrating ring which I slip over his cock and which I can operate from a remote control…

And so it goes on…

Over the following weeks I see him every weekend, to continue the programming, and every week he is more obedient and falls more deeply into trance.

He is never allowed to speak, except to repeat mantras and say -

- Yes Mistress Rosa…

I give him daily tasks to perform while he’s at work, and he does them all. During the next six weeks Jeremy’s life falls apart, wrecked by the overwhelming desire to obey my daily commands. He becomes addicted to the aching and irresistible sensation of living in a parallel world, where nothing is important, other than feeling mindless, enslaved and aroused. He loses all focus at work, make mistakes, stops chasing, and very quickly he loses his job. It ceases to matter for him. From the moment he wakes, he is triggered into thinking of Mistress Rosa, and it instantly makes him aroused, and from then on, everything that is outside the realms of his enslavement is no longer important to him. I make a few more hypno videos. I enjoy it. It’s creative and I learn new skills. I send them to him and insist he watch them over and over again.

I am satisfied that they are an tool to break him down and destroy his will. After six weeks, when I feel he is ready, I visit him one final time…

Jeremy knows now how to greet me when I arrive. He’s in his rubber-suit, all polished and shiny for me. He wears his black latex face mask. He has a ballgag in his mouth and a thick black rubber butt plug in his ass, his dick poking out rigid, cock ring in place and ready to be activated.

I sit down in my usual spot in the centre of the couch, and he has to kneel before and recite his mantra. I open my leg. He crawls over and performs his usual tasks on my clitoris while I sit back and catch up with a few text messages to friends on my phone. The console is beside me on the couch and I pick it up from time to time, to crank up the vibes the moment Jeremy’s cock begins to sag. An hour passes. I get up to help myself to some of Jeremy’s most expensive French wine. I look at my watch. Time for one final test before I take him off to the factory. I fetch the jar, now filled to the brim with his sperm, collected over the past weeks. I open up the jar carefully and place it on the floor. Jeremy crawls over to it and starts to jerk himself off. He has been so hard from the moment he woke up, he comes within seconds into the jar. When the ejaculation is complete I say,

Now drink it.

Jeremy takes the jar drinks his sperm, slowly, mindlessly.

He holds the jar up and leans his head back to wait for the last drops to slide out and into his open mouth. He puts the jar down on the floor and starts to jerk his cock back into life. When he is erect again, I attach a silver chain leash to his collar and lead him out of his apartment for the last time. I walk him to my car. A couple passing on the pavement outside, stop to take in the curious sight of an attractive women in a leather coat and heels, leading a man dressed in a tight shiny black rubber suit and mask, along the street on a chain.

I drive to the Factory, an hour’s drive from the apartment. Jeremy sits in silence beside me, staring ahead. I glance over and see his vacant eyes through the rubber eye holes, staring out at nothing. His cock, now tucked away, makes a long thick ridge in the rubber around his crotch. He strokes it slowly, mechanically, up and down.

We reach the Factory. It’s an old victorian warehouse hidden in the old docklands area of the city. As I arrive in the car park in front, I catch sight of a women a similar age to me, getting out of her car and opening the boot. The woman stands there and moments later a male climbs out. He’s in full rubber and wears a pup mask and an ass butt tail that sticks up in the air. He gets down on his hands and knees, and once she has put on his leash, she leads him over to the black steel entry door, and moments later they disappear inside.

I take a deep breath and turn to Jeremy.

Come on, Rubber Fuckslave. Your turn.

I get out of the car and order him to get out as well. I attach a leash to his collar and lead him over to the factory. A few minutes later I leave the building alone and go back to the

car. I remember sitting inside and breathing a sigh of contentment for a moment before driving home. I remember thinking to myself -

The job’s done, and it only took six weeks. On to the next one.



And that’s how it all began. In the next chapter I write about how I manage to persuade Bertrand, a french Banker, to become my next client.

x Rosa.


Daniel Guy is an experienced fetish writer and a selection of his work can be found at:

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