Adult Gaming Taken To A New Level

Let's face it, right now with this horrible virus doing the rounds and many of us stuck in doors we could all do with some relief from what's happening in the world!

Hypnosis and fetish clips are a great escape but now there's a whole new world to explore with adult gaming, one game in particular actually! Narcos XXX!

If like me you've been intrigued by adult games only to end up in a never ending circle of pop-ups and malware then we can say outright that this is not the case with Narcos!

The game has a great storyline and if you're a gamer you'll no doubt be familiar with 'Unity engine' which is used to create a vast plethora of games across many platforms, Narcos XXX utilises the Unity engine which means you don't have to download any third party nonsense.

If you decide to take the plunge and buy into the game you also get access to over 200 other games AND you also get access to over 1000 adult movies AND a number of premium adult site just in case you need to peel yourself away from the game!

The gameplay is super, the actions is both hot and intense and it's certainly one of the most fun adult game we at have ever had the pleasure of testing, so what are you waiting for?

As a side note you do have to sign up to prove you're an adult but you do get two days COMPLETELY FREE!

Click here to check out the game!

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