A Succubus Seduction

Imagine being gently seduced by a hot semi nude succubus, her gentle yet cold blue eyes whisper the most hedonistic of thoughts into your mind, her soft vampiresque accent soothes you and her body sends your mind whirrling, then before you know it you've lost all control, all ability to think for yourself.....Imagine no more! Welcome to The Eternal Succubus Seduction - A joint project between Misha Goldy and .

This file contains psychological conditioning along with a whole heap of discrete Hypnotic programming all whilst taking in the beauty of the succubus that is Misha Goldy. Part brainwash, part JOI and wholly seductive, this collaboration between Miss Goldy and FetishCollect is incredibly unique and has been tested on a number of subjects to great effect, great for Miss Misha Goldy, not so great for you....But then you enjoy being totally controlled! So what are you waiting for?

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