Here at we understand the importance of making your work as fun and creative as we possibly can. We want you to have fun because that's when you truly shine in front of the camera. 

We NEVER want or expect any of our models to show any nudity at all, but we do want you to be sexy, confident and comfortable speaking in adult terms and playing with the fetishes of our clientele. 

We offer a variety of options to our models. If you have a camera, good quality microphone and lighting at home then we are more than happy to pay you for clips you produce at home. Alternatively we have a small studio on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean where we produce in house clips. 

What do you get as one of our models? 


      Well, the most important thing of course is you get paid! We generally offer models a 3 clip deal for a basic (But very fair) rate. If you perform well, as time goes on we will naturally allow you to grow with the company and if you become one of our top models then you may just get an all expenses paid visit to our studio in the warm Mediterranean sun where not only will you be shooting clips, but embracing the crystal clear sea, the tasty cocktails and the adventure our little island has to offer. 


   As one of our models we'll create a page bio that we will happily link to your Amazon wish lists maximising the potential for fans to buy you gifts, and with over 40,000 Twitter followers alone and access to over 100,000 fetish lovers in general, we maximise the exposure you get putting you in front of as many fans as possible. We also link to your social media profiles which in turn will gain you more fans and followers. 


  We're not just another online fetish store, but in fact a team of professional media experts. We will do everything in our power to make you look your best and present your clips in a professional context with additions such as professional title reels, special effects, music and much more. What would potentially be a standard fetish clip can be turned into something every slave/client or customer wants to own and that's what we aim for. By producing and editing your clips this way you will often find you attract a whole new level of followers. 

So, if you're confident in front of the camera, comfortable with speaking about adult topics and enjoy the idea of playing the role of a badass lady who takes no prisoners then please contact us using the form below. Don't forget to include one image and tell us a little about yourself.


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