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Being an adult performer is much harder than many anticipate. Not only do you have to look pristine, be an expert in hair, make up and your niche, be a great actress/actor and interact with fans, you're also expected to be an expert in videography, photography, editing and marketing. Trying to stay on top of everything can become overwhelming and that's where we come in!

We at FetishCollect have been involved in the industry for well over a decade creating top selling content for some of the biggest names in the industry and now we want to offer our services to everyone!

So what exactly do we offer?

Monthly Package - €500

One new professional intro with branding each month. 

3 Standard Fetish clip edits of up to 5 minutes each 

2 Special effect edits of up to 20 minutes each 

Inclusion in our Bi Monthly mailing list which reaches thousands of potential new fans. 

All clips will be edited to a professional level including skin softener, lighting adjustments, grading and sound adjustments. 

Standard Edit - Starting at €60 

Perfect for simple short clips (Up to 5 minutes) that don't require special effects. You get licensed music, pro audio editing and of course we make you look your best by grading your clip and softening skin.


Big Edit - Starting at €110 

Up to 20 minutes. This includes special effects (Perfect for HypnoDomme clips), licensed music, audio fx, a pro intro, audio adjustments and rendering to correct size at best quality for your store. We also watermark your clip!

Branding - Starting at €200

We create a pro intro for your clips which makes you look both professional but also ensure you stand out from the crowd and become instantly recognisable to your fans! This includes special effects, licensed music and audio effects and of course we make you look your best! We also provide a text based logo, and up to 3 header images with your branding on. 

Scripting - Starting at £60

Our writer will write you a pro hypnosis script that will really put your fans under!

Inclusion in Mailing List - €25 per listing

We include an image of you and a link to your store in our bi monthly mailing list!

So what are you waiting for? Free up your time! Make toplists as a pro! Watch your clips climb the ranks!

Have a fan that wants to pay for the service on your behalf? No problem! Can't afford the service but need the help? Why not create clips for us and in return get our services! 

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